“Just Go” by Bad Girls Dream

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Just Go” by Bad Girls Dream

Was written by Brayton Scott & Mosh Fix (August 24th, 1965 to July 14th, 2013)

Brayton Scott describes the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the Bad Girls Dream song “Just Go” was written, produced, and recorded.

“It was super late, or super early, depending on how you look at 2 o’clock in the morning, and Mosh had been playing this riff followed by a heavy tremolo (whammy) bar ending. That’s it, that’s what I’ve been looking for, I said. I want a down wrenching, tons of balls sound where I can just go loose on the lyrics and crazy on the stage.

Writing the lyrics for this song was one of the hardest I’d ever come across. When Mosh and I finished the rhythm, melody, bridge and chorus, the story line just wasn’t there. Plus, I wanted one thing, if anything, for these lyrics to outlast time. The story had to be about today, tomorrow, and the future forever. They couldn’t be about me, or anyone I knew. They couldn’t be about the ups or downs of life. They couldn’t be about just one thing, good or evil. It had to be in the middle, where everybody hates. You are either for, or against something, you can’t have the best of both worlds, but pieces of them. They had to be controversial, but yet make sense to everyone, or absolutely no sense to anyone. Where did the lyrics end up going? They went where we wanted them too:

 To Make A Stand for Nothing, or Everything!

Something out there has all the power!

Don’t know what it is, just deal with it!

Listen to “Just Go” by Bad Girls Dream

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